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Hello Fellow Traveller

Are you searching for something but aren't sure what it is? Do you have reoccurring patterns in your life but can't explain why? Are you wondering why you are on Earth or what's the meaning of life? Do you feel like you need to break out of your old self but don't know how? Are you curious to find out more about yourself? Did you have a strange experience or dreams that you want to dig in and find out more? Do you feel different to other people and can't explain why? Are you paralysed by your sensitivity? Are you having reoccurring dreams? Did you search for help in mainstream ways but no answer was satisfactory?  Do you feel lost but destined for greatness?


What does True Self even mean? The way I see it, is that one human being is an amalgamation of infinites brought into one body. Wrap your head around that. Imagine the constant friction within us, knowing that we are having a human experience as an infinite being; feeling like we are separate from everything, when actually there is nothing but Oneness. True Self knows that intrinsically. True Self just knows. True Self is serenity. Bliss. True Self is here with you because that True Self is here to learn and grow. It is our divine duty to find True Self, and hand over control to that being. Many ways lead to True Self, but they all have certain similar properties that are like signposts to show you that you are on that way to True Self. And each human has a different way to their True Self, that is the beauty about individuality. Nonetheless, those who seek will find, and with it, we find each other. This is how we are able to create a unity. And that unity can grow into divinity. 

True Self is nothing more or less than your authentic Self. In order to get to True Self, we remove all the layers of human conditioning, generational traumas, weed out the garden of belief systems, become aware of our inner family system, and set boundaries to the outside world so that our inside world can flourish. True Self is you allowing to be your natural self, with all the gifts you bring to Earth, no excuses. We never were alone, ever. True Self is your ultimate companion to living a magical life, one in alliance with Divine Source Consciousness and other Fellow Human Travellers with the same understanding of the Natural Universal Principles. Together we grow. Together we unite. And together, each with our True Self leading, we create Peace on Earth, that is a guarantee.





Looking within and seeing the existential pain that every human being suffers. Seeing how the pain manifests in the individual, is a process. One for the brave and the patient. The more we allow ourselves to see being human as a complete wholesome existence, with all the light and all the dark sides, allows us to become True Self. That is the ultimate point of life, growth into True Self and living that human experience as a Spiritual Being. How do you create your Heart's Desire?


I had a powerful session with Margot where I was able to release emotion that I had been experiencing on and off for a few months. I am a healer myself, and sometimes I can feel what others are going through. Over time, I had accumulated some of this energy. When Margot guided me I could see this energy being released and I felt so much lighter. 

Margot is a gifted healer. She holds strength which helps you to feel safe and grounded. 

I felt that I could let go and be free. This freedom allowed many images and lessons to come in. It was such an interesting and healing journey. 

A few days later, I realised that I had completely released emotions, thought patterns and experiences that were in the past. They no longer were taking up space in my energy field. 

If you are thinking about this type of a session, then your soul is most likely guiding you, so I suggest giving it a go. 


Natalie 💞🙏

Natalie Namaste
Volcano Hiker

We are traveling a courageous path into Source, True Self. It's not easy because we are working through the conditioning and the dehomoginization and it can feel like an uphill battle. But this heroic quest is traveled with friends who know the Way ahead, and you are not alone. Together we are strong. Unified we are unbreakable. The True Self prevails, it's just natural. 

The Way

The Veil

Life would be rather unadventurous without the veil. It's basically the duality between the conscious and the subconscious, the known and the unknown, matter and energy, reality and magic. The veil is here for us humans to be in a constant state of learning, experiencing, and processing life. It is here so we dare to discover who True Self is and what True Self can do. 

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